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Anxious to be more efficient and save you time, compt lawyer handles your accounting by limiting your travel, and reducing the paperwork. For the volumes of invoices more substantial, a dedicated device is placed at your disposal allowing you to send your accounting documents with ease. As a member of the Institute of Professional Accountants and Tax practitioners Chartered, compt lawyer is required to comply with the rules of professional conduct strict. Regardless of your situation, we guarantee each customer a quality service

Accounting for lawyers: the obligations and specific accounting characteristics

A lawyer, like any professional, liberal provider for services, keep accounts. That being said, the importance of the accounting obligations to which it is subject will depend on the status that it has chosen to exercise his profession (lawyer liberal in his own name or operating company) as well as the tax system that he has withheld (income tax or tax on the company). Accounting-Easy to answer the question: what are the accounting obligations of a lawyer. When a lawyer exercises his activity in his own name, he may fall under one of two plans: the plan of the micro-BNC

Presentation of the law firm in Paris and Lyon — Firm Lawyers

Founded in by Vanessa, the Firm of Lawyers is a law firm located in Paris and Lyon, and specialised in Intellectual Property Law The magazine of decision Makers Strategy Finance Law,»was also recently ranked the firm in its topic»Strong Reputation» The entire team of Firm Lawyers accompanies you in all areas of intellectual property and in particular: Assistance and council in the framework of the protection of the rights of owners of distinctive signs (trademarks, domain names, corporate names, commercial names, signage). We do as well: Negotiation and drafting of contracts of assignment, license, coexistence of trademarks, domain names and

Why and how to limit its contractual liability. Mathias Lawyers

In the event of a breach of a contractual obligation, the other party defaulting engages his contractual responsibility. This means he will have to pay to the party aggrieved a sum intended to compensate for damages caused by its default. It is quite possible to limit its contractual liability in order to frame the consequences of a breach. As a service provider, to limit its contractual liability allows you to control the risks to its business. Indeed, in the absence of supervision, the financial consequences of a breach of contract can be extremely costly, especially for a start-up or a

Lawyers at the bar of the Aveyron — Rodez — Millau — site officiel

Accustomed to the new technologies they are all connected to the Virtual Private Network of Lawyers (RPVA), intranet system allowing them to process in real time, the proceedings before the Tribunal de grande instance, Rodez or the Court of appeal of Montpellier. They provide a monitoring service, and permanent criminal h h and days per year on the entire territory of the department of the Aveyron. You can contact emergency lawyers to obtain the appointment of a lawyer if your resources allow you to benefit from legal aid. Yes. It is necessary to make an appointment by phone to one

Grammar: This, that, what is

Learn English Grammar: tenses, adjectives and adverbs, conditional clauses, modal verbs

Administrative detention

You can share your knowledge by improving it according to the recommendations of the corresponding projects. In France, have powers of administrative detention like the custody of the customs (withholding of customs). Compliance with the law is ensured by the administrative order Administrative detention allows to maintain in a closed place, an alien who is the subject of an expulsion decision, pending his forced removal

Administrative Opposition — Ooreka

Since January, the procedures for the recovery of public debts are unified in a single procedure: the administrative seizure to third party possessor. It replaces, in particular to the notice to third party holder and to the administrative opposition. Before the unification of the procedures, the public Treasury had mainly two procedures of enforced collection, the input to third-party holders, and the administrative opposition. The first was used for the collection of taxes, while the second concerned the recovery of fines and penalties. Now, the administrative seizure to third party possessor has for its object the recovery of debts of

Directorate of administrative Affairs — Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture — ISESCO

The Directorate of administrative Affairs is the device responsible to ensure the proper functioning within the general Directorate of ISESCO, at the administrative level, by mobilising all the resources required to do this The Directorate of administrative Affairs includes the following Divisions:-Division of human Resources-Division of administrative Services-Division of Headquarters and Conferences-public Relations Division-Division of Supplies, Equipment, Inventory, and Maintenance

Administrative court of Caen: Home

The administrative court is competent to judge the vast majority of disputes arising from the activity of the public authorities The Caen administrative court rejected the request submitted by two detainees on the conditions of detention at the prison The administrative court of Caen was signed with the bars of its jurisdiction the twentieth day of December an agreement for the promotion of mediation The Caen administrative Court and the administrative Court of appeal of Nantes signed with the bars of Caen, Coutances-Avranches. The letter of jurisprudence of the administrative tribunal of Caen covering the period from July to June

Support: calculation, payment — Practice

Alimony is a sum of money paid by one person to another in execution of a maintenance obligation. In this, it differs from the compensatory amount that seeks to compensate for the disparities in levels of living of the spouses caused by the divorce. The pension food is the obligation of parents to maintain their children, that is to say, to meet their needs. When the family lives together, this support did not exist. In the case where one of the spouses refuses to contribute to the normal costs of the household, the other may apply to a judge to

The calculation of child support — Family case

In the case of divorce or separation, the family court fixed the amount of the pension paid by one of the parents for the education of children. In the case of separation of parents, custody and the accommodation of children can be entrusted to one of them, with the granting of visitation rights to the other. In principle, the one who does not have custody must pay to the other parent a pension to participate in the maintenance and education of his children (articles and — and — of the French civil Code). In case of alternating custody, even if

Support for the adult child: conditions

The right to the payment of maintenance does not cease to be the majority of the child. An adult child cannot provide for its own needs may continue to receive maintenance. Alimony is a term for the fulfilment of the maintenance obligation. The maintenance obligation is a duty that binds the members of a same family and which provides that the members of the same family must rescue each other when one of them is in need. The major children in need therefore can receive maintenance, such as minor children. But if the parents do not have the means to

Support: the amount and schedule of calculation

How to calculate the amount of child support using the scale and grid of the ministry of Justice

Input on unemployment alimony

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