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When you call us to the line of MY RIGHTS, if you get the voicemail, please do not hesitate to contact us directly our lawyers stating The Legal GroupPlease note that during certain periods (the beginning of the year, holidays, reentry court, or other period of great stress), our lawyers may be too busy to offer free consultations in these cases a notification message will be quickly transmitted, as a result of which it is your responsibility to promptly communicate with other lawyers than those of the Legal Group. For these files, we ask you dollars for a legal opinion on the phone and we also offer packages to help you to adequately prepare your case before the small claims Court since you can not be represented by legal counsel in this instance. Following the free consultation, if you want to entrust us with the mandate to represent you, you will be able to view the grid rates of the chosen lawyer and you will be able to have an overview of what you will pay for each of the services (a la carte pricing).

In a first step, select an associate attorney in the list on the left or search by region or specialty of law, the search tool at the top of the page.

All our lawyers subscribe to the grid of rates in the map that you can consult on the detailed sheet for each partner. An hourly rate is also available for mandates that are not included in the grid tariffs Each associate is independent, but may consult all the partners to carry out your mandate, you have the advantage of tariffs in small firms with the strength of the team of the great offices. Some of our partners accept the mandates of the legal Aid, check on the detailed description of the associated Our team of lawyers currently manages several folders of collective action (formerly action collective). If you think you might be in a legal situation which applies to a multitude of people visit the relevant section of collective actions.

website for lawyer - visibility: web Agency lawyer

We will achieve for you and with you a site that will match exactly to your requests, the identity of your law firm without you to take more than a total of a few hours

Once the Internet site of your firm online, we take care of our visibility and we will keep you regularly informed of the number of visits received and the ranking of your site on search engines. By offering you tailor-made solutions at the best price, the Web agency legal Counsel engages with your firm get the best picture and the best possible visibility on the Internet. With the Web agency Lawyer, make the website of your firm, a real communication tools allowing you to expand your business.

Contact - Lawyer in Florence - Lorenzo Cirri

For any additional information or if you wish to make an appointment with one of the members of the office staff, we are at your disposalThe law firm of Cirri is located in Florence in the district both appoints Campo di Marte at rue Marconi. The firm is located at a twenty minutes without taking account of the traffic standing. Currently, the firm is a -minute walk from the train station Campo di Marte It is necessary to cross the gateway in the direction of Viale dei Mille and then back up. By public transport from the train Station Santa Maria Novella take bus in the direction of the stop Sabiatino. Then climb down to the stop Marconi The cabinet is then located a little further up the street.

The order of Lawyers at the Council of State and Court of Cassation

grouped in order of a self-employed professional

The lawyers at the tipsto represent the litigants before the Council of State and Court of cassation Created at the initiative of the administrative Court of appeal of Paris in association with its partners (bar Councils. law Firm Abergel associates. Tuesdays of the Hotel de Beauvais give the opportunity to people.

particularly from the world legal.

Society of comparative legislation and Gazette du Palais)

financial and cultural to think and discuss on the topics the current common interest in an informal and user-friendly They bring together between one hundred and and parliamentarians. members of the Council of State.

magistrates of the Court of cassation.

law professors and legal directors. six to seven times per year. in the sumptuous Hotel de Beauvais (rue François Miron - Paris).

Maria mancuso - Firm lawyer in Brussels, lawyer's Office to Tubize, Lawyer, law, shopping in Brussels, Lawyer, civil Law at Tubize

Maria MANCUSO directly decided to make one as a lawyer

After his license obtained at the catholic University of Louvain inin consultation with the customer.

Maria MANCUSO performs an analysis of the risks

and defines a strategy procedural or amicable negotiation. to bring about a constructive solution to the problems encountered.

The economic news from the DRC on Economico. cd

The prices of some products have been revised upward, according to the price index of the National Institute of Statistics (INS)It is mainly a question of the prices of fish, meat, dairy products, clothing and shoes, appliances, or still. The manager of the bank, BGFIBANK, Michel Jamani, announced on Thursday in front of the press the decision of his institution to divest to pay for officers and State officials from ten government departments, reports of the ACP.

Jamani has specified that the envelope for the pay of these agents.

Mr Baudouin Michel, economist and agronomist of belgian nationality, lecturer at the University of Liège (Belgium) to the ERAIFT (DRC), said he was convinced that agriculture remains the key to economic development of the DRC in an interview published recently in The Free Africa.

Credit Mutuo SA: personal Credit up to

The processing of your application is also free of charge

A credit is prohibited if it leads to an over-indebtedness of the consumer. See here a representative exampleIn spite of the current loans you have the opportunity to take a new credit in the Mutuo SA. With this loan is more favorable, you can redeem your credits in the course. Thus, you would pay more than one monthly payment lower and save money that way. Gather your debt (appropriations, credit cards, leasing etc) and only pay our monthly payment lower. Credits for foreign licence holders (B, C, G, or Girls credit conditions for foreign nationals in possession loan to two: better terms of credit through a loan jointly with your partner Duration of credit: mensualitées reduced due to a longer duration How can I reduce the monthly expenses to my credit. Credit Mutuo SA is one of the leaders of online credits in the whole of Switzerland, and its headquarters is in Basel.

We are a financial service that has existed for over thirty years and our success is primarily based on the satisfaction of our loyal customers who we highly recommend.

We will be delighted to your visit to our premises or of your call to help you get your private loan that you want. Enjoy a simple and efficient treatment of your request for credit online for your personal loan at exceptional rates.

Enjoy terms and conditions of loans outstanding with interest from. five with the licence C You send us your documents by e-mail, postal mail, fax or WhatsApp and we will set up your credit agreement compared to those.

You sign the credit contract and receive the money on your account (once the revocation period has elapsed). In Mutuo ITS up to you to receive private credits between ’ and ’ CHF at low interest rate from. These are offered on flexible terms from six to months, which allow you to adjust your monthly payment to your needs in an optimal way. Use the calculator of the credit Mutuo HER to determine your monthly payment ideal by combining free of charge different amounts and durations of credits and directly make an application for your loan that you want. In order to be able to take a credit, you must be of legal age and have a good credit rating. In addition, you need to work in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, or be at the border. If you meet these requirements, you can benefit from a private loan to exceptional conditions in Mutuo SA. You can also take advantage of the interest rates currently low and best loan conditions in spite of the current credits.

You can also deduct the interest from income taxes

By taking a new loan on more favourable terms you can redeem credits in course dear, leases and credit cards.

So you get a discount rate, do not pay more than one monthly payment, lowest and save money.

The insurance payments include the guaranteed payments in case of unemployment and inability to work.

The statement of interest required will be sent automatically by post at the end of the year.

You will find in our blog the method for correctly completing the tax form.

The credit will be repaid in equal monthly installments (The last payment may be different).

There are also extraordinary amortization, if you souhaitezLa first monthly payment must be paid one month after the disbursement of the loan We will contact you if additional documents are needed, concerning for example: your housing, health insurance, loans already in process and your financial situation.

Your loan duration may vary between twelve and months.

The monthly payments are so flexible and can be individually selected. A credit application is available for amounts between ’ and ’ CHF. You could also receive a specific service from an amount equal to ’ CHF. We recommend that you directly contact us by e-mail or phone for applications at ’ CHF.

In addition, the granting of a loan depends mainly on your folder.

Each loan application is followed by a credit check. You will receive the money once the revocation period of fourteen days has elapsed. For the latter, the date of the contract is decisive. A credit is prohibited if it leads to over-leveraging by the consumer (according to the declaration statues, Article three UC).


Accept All the information to understand the functioning of the Justice system and know when to call a lawyer. When and why to use a lawyer. How and where to seek justice The national Council of the bar will help you to understand

The national Council of bars (CNB) is an institution of public utility with legal personality, established by law n°- of the thirty-first of December. Since, it is the institution that represents all lawyers in France He has received the law of the specific roles that govern the organization of the profession.

Società Cooperativa per lo Sviluppo del Territorio

within the avant-garde and being in constant growth

Società Cooperativa per lo Sviluppo del Territorio - is a cooperative society which presents itself as one of the best on the market of cleaning and sanitation

Tax deduction of the donations

Taxpayers domiciled in France may benefit from a"tax deduction", tax reduction, if they have to have made, during the tax year: this applies to gifts and payments, including the abandonment express revenue or products, carried out by the taxpayers domiciled in France, the benefit: please note: payment must be made free of charge, that is to say without consideration, whether direct or indirect benefit of the person who performs itGood to know: on the reduction of IFI in respect of donations made to certain organizations of general interest laid down in article of the French general tax Code, the decree n° - of may, specifies the form and content of supporting documentation that the recipient of the donation must provide a taxpayer a donor. The payments made for the benefit of organizations with the purpose of helping persons in difficulty are entitled to a tax reduction of of the monies paid retained in the limit of (maximum reduction of) and beyond (in the limit of of taxable income) for donations in.

The amount of donations exceeding the limit of which the taxable income can be carried forward to the next years.

This gives right to a tax reduction under the same conditions. You must indicate on your printed, the amount of donations has not conferred the right to a tax reduction. The reports give rise to a right to reduction of tax before any payments of the year and beginning with the portion not used of the oldest. If you have made donations for the benefit of organizations that help people in difficulty, indicate on the form n° RICI, check UD, the amount paid (maximum).

Please note: donations for the financing of election campaigns are not subject to the fiscal limit of.

Indicate on the form n° RICI, check UH, donations made for the benefit of funding and contributions to parties and political groups. Please note: donations and membership fees paid to the financing of political parties and political groupings are retained in the limit of per year and per household tax. The people who said that in, for their income, donations to people in difficulty or to works receive a deposit of in January and the balance in the summer of (on the basis of the statement of revenues carried out in the spring of). If the gifts have ceased in, the advance assigned to be used during the liquidation of the tax in the summer of. The amount of donations made in will be indicated in the tax return in. In case of total cancellation of the tax, the amount corresponding to the tax reduction for donations will be returned to the summer of. In the case of non-recurring revenue in and therefore a residual amount of tax, the tax reduction related to donations will be deducted from the tax due. The tax reduction applies in the case of a donation of a work of general interest (or contributing to the enhancement of the artistic heritage, the defence of the natural environment or to the dissemination of the culture, language and knowledge scientific French), and comes in deduction of the amount of corporation tax or income tax payable by the firm during the year payments. The reduction is equal to the amount of the donation, within the limit of ‰ of the annual turnover exclusive of tax (for payments made during the fiscal years ended as from December the limit is or ‰ of the annual turnover of HT if the latter amount is higher).

In case of exceeding the limit, the excess may be carried over to the following years.

However, the deferred amounts may not add to donations made each year to the limit of the annual ceiling.

You can specify these donations made by your company on the form n° C PRO, item -"tax Reductions and credits", check US. This amount is determined from the printed n° -M-CF-SD For any further information, obtain the document information n° GD on the site Taxes. gov, under"search forms".

Improved translation improved definition improved dictionary

It has made a considerable improvement in his land

It means particularly That which is made in a land or a house to put them in a better state and to increase the income

Action to improve, make it better

One is obliged to pay for improvements to a possessor in good faith, that it dispossesses.

Useful improvements. f.

The judicial liquidation: definition, process, consequences

What is a winding up by the court. What is the role of a legal agentNote: The act has established a regime of judicial liquidation simpler for businesses whose turnover does not exceed, which had not more than five employees during the last six months and whose assets shall not include any property (see below).

All companies are concerned, some either their sector of activity or legal form: To enter into the judicial liquidation procedure, the company must be insolvent, that is to say, in a situation of not being paid vis-à-vis third parties: suppliers, social organizations, URSSAF, tax authorities, etc, The court will appoint the liquidator, judicial representative to the winding-up: it is often the same person who represents the creditors during the proceedings for legal redress (if it took place).

The liquidator carries out the liquidation operations of the assets of the defaulting company. It is in the interest of the creditors, checking the status of claims and their order of priority.

Note: creditors must declare their claim to the legal representative within a time limit fixed.

The opening of the liquidation procedure leads to the arrest of the course of the late-payment interest and registrations. The court pronounces the closure of the liquidation when there is extinction of the liability or insufficiency of assets. The judgment closing to stop the actions of creditors to recover outstanding amounts The liquidator prepares the accounts and present them to the head of the company in the three months of the judgment closing and shall deposit at the registry of the commercial court.

The act has established a regime of judicial liquidation simpler for businesses whose turnover is less than, less than six employees in the last six months and whose assets do include any real property.

The liquidation simplified court must be closed in the period of one year only from the date of judgment of the opening. In this accelerated procedure: Manager of a company in but has not been able to open my company for problems with the old manager so I preferred to make a winding up by the court. so four months without activities Date November the rsi claims me euros I don't understand what should I do knowing that I am at the rsa. I am wiped out Contains three essential documents: a guide to the study of market template business plan Word template financial plan in Excel.

The former advocate of Trump admits having lied to the Congress on the links between Russia and its ex-boss

The investigations of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, in charge of shedding light on the potential links between Russia and Donald Trump gets tough for the latterMichael Cohen, his former lawyer, has just surprised his world this Thursday by showing up in a court of Manhattan. He pleaded guilty to having lied to Congress about a real estate project in Moscow from his ex-boss, tells the Washington Post. If the existence of these plans were known, Michael Cohen, who has worked a dozen years with Donald Trump and was then imposed as its main board, had claimed previously that the case had been abandoned in January. The admission of perjury in front of the congressmen shows that this project has lived well beyond, endure, while the presidential campaign was in full swing in the United States. More specifically, as noted on Twitter, our correspondent in the United States, Jean-Bernard cade tree, Donald Trump had the idea of setting up a Trump Tower in the Russian capital. On several occasions, and in the summer of, Donald Trump has asserted that he had no business or interest in Russia.

It is necessary to tell that the thing is essential: the leaders of this country are suspected, more widely, to have tried to influence the election in order to elect the billionaire.

Over time, Michael Cohen has emerged as a crucial staple of this survey sprawling and complex that infuriates Donald Trump for months, the plunging sometimes in outbursts of anger that he does not seek so much to hide. Last August already, Michael Cohen had admitted violating the law on financing of election campaign, buying the silence of two women so that they do not evoke their connections alleged with Donald Trump. He has also been recognized by having been found guilty of tax evasion, and fraud to the bank. But working with the team of Robert Mueller as the initiative of the day suggests, it is this time not his case that Michael Cohen promises to worsen, but the sound of her former boss. 'Donald Trump acknowledges that he had a project of Trump tower in Moscow. He has not tried to hide it, and that as a candidate it was not a problem. He said that his former lawyer Cohen is 'low' and that it 'ment to reduce his sentence.

Lawyer, law Firms Lawyers law Firms Lawyers your legal adviser

Conversation followed, one-on-one with the expert A friend passed me a website, law Firms Lawyers com, so that I can ask the experts for an answer.Thank you to the lawyers law Firms Lawyers

com, thanks to them my grandfather was able to improve his retirement following the advice given by the lawyers.

Today it is going very well, he cares more of the resources of finance.I intend to become a member later, I'd love to know what are the military rights, that is what we can benefit from it. The experts of the Firms Lawyers have told me all the benefits I am entitled to if I become a member later.I am the owner of a local that I'd like to sell it, but it is already leased by an individual. I didn't know what to do to sell a property already rented out, to find help I have been in law Firms as Lawyers. com, where experts are available to help you solve problems by giving you advice.".

The calling of st. Matthew

In effect, the first hypothesis supposes that st

The calling of st The table of St Matthew and the Angel is placed in a position of altarpiece central, and on the right side wall of the chapel is located the Martyrdom of saint MatthewContarelli, who had left detailed instructions on the way of composing the table, does not live to the completion of the works that he had ordered: he died in. In the right part of the table stand two characters in the clothes of biblical times. Jesus that one recognizes in particular, its halo has the arm extended and his hand is stretched out to Matthew. His foot turned to the outside of the piece seems to indicate that he is already on the point of leaving. Near it is a Stone that does not see face to his back, mask largely the person of Jesus. Only the hand is visible, which accompanies discreetly, the gesture of the Christ.

The faces express reactions and feelings different

The accurate identification of st Matthew is still the subject of some controversy. Matthew would be the man with the beard, sitting at the center of the canvas that is art-even of a finger, and whose face is turned towards Christ. It expresses, therefore, a certain disbelief and his mouth between-open suggests that he asks:"Is it really me that called."There are, however, problems with this reading. It is true that the light on the means particularly well, but this light is far to stop only to this figure. Moreover, it is clearly stipulated in the contract order which has been issued to the Caravaggio by cardinal, that Matthew must be painted in the process of counting the money. Following this idea, Matthew would rather the young man sitting at the far end of the table, head bent, absorbed by his task.

Over his shoulder, the old usurer, the glasses in the hand (symbol of avarice) is reminiscent of the table also Caravaggio title Saint Matthew and The Angel in which the figure of the angel is replaced here by the old man, guiding Matthew in his work.

There is then a sort of echo of formal: from where you found the loan shark, there is the angel many years later that whisper in the ear of st. Matthew, the word of god Therefore, to return to the man located in the center of the canvas, point rather to the young man sitting at the far end, and his lips ajar would ask the opposite:"Christ, is this really him you want."The part where all the characters is dark: a few jets of light and colour only to be found on the clothes and the few faces which are not immersed in the penumbra. The light mainly comes from the upper-right part of the table. It is positioned so to refer directly to the window located in the architecture of the chapel. It is a form of in situ, but also of a union between the place physical and the canvas so that the two are one.

Creates a chiaroscuro effect in the table, characteristic of the work of Caravaggio.

The composition is divided between the left-hand part, a group of five people around a table on which money account (with book and inkwell).

they are richly dressed in clothes contemporary to Caravaggio (similar to the compositions of the Cheaters, or The fortune-teller).

Two dealers, including an old man are decked out in their task. The two men to his right to direct their actions towards the one that Jesus refers to in a sign of disbelief.

Following these gestures up to the left of the table, we note the young man with the head bowed, concentrated, counting his money.

Everything in the work is referred to as Matthew, the beam of light oblique to the hand of Jesus stretched out to him. The other two characters, to the right, looking at the visitors, one of a glance rather mocking, but mostly perplexed, the other is fascinated to the point of having the body fully turned to the visitors, her legs astride the bench, oblivious to what he was doing.

In the right part of the table: Jesus and Peter in the clothes of their era (giving a character a trans-historical at the scene, and the very idea of vocation).

They are bare feet.

Christ's entry into the room has nothing to dazzling. It just came out of the shadows. The outstretched arm, he reaches out his hand and made a gesture, which is the exact reflection of that of Adam receiving life from God in the table of Michel-Angel. The creation is extended into a vocation. The figure of the apostle Peter (added later) symbolizes the presence of the Church, close to Christ and accompanying the gesture of appeal, while remaining in the background. However, the table shows a Church that obscures the call also: of Peter one does not see the face, but only a back that hides a large part of the person of Jesus. Peter is between the viewer and Christ."Jesus departed from thence, and saw, in passing, a man, named Matthew, sitting at his office of tax collector. He said to him:"follow me."The man stood up and followed him."Around a table, on which are placed an inkstand, a stock exchange and of coins, several characters are sitting: to the left, a young man is busy.

It counts the coins, under the watchful eye of an older man.

The other three characters are seated, a middle-aged man and two young men, have migrated accounting operations: they are turned to the right, toward another group of two men standing, who were just arriving and who point the finger. But that mean-they The shadow of which they arise, play the eyes and hands do not permit to be affirmative. Without a doubt, one of the two men standing in that door a discreet halo-edge-t-he is the one who, seated, seems to be pointing to himself, while the second man standing refers to one who, in the first plan, seems to be ready to get up. The artist skillfully plays with the contrast between the left part of the table, refined look, which is reminiscent of secular works like The Cheats or The fortuneteller, and the right part is more restrained and stripped down where to evolve, bare feet, Jesus and saint Peter. The whole composition is based on a deliberate ambiguity, to a game of contrasts, where nothing is determined if this is, to the left, the condemnation implicit in the world of money and, to the right, the celebration of the evangelical requirement. In the Nineteenth century, the French painter Gustave Courbet is inspired by the Vocation to achieve The After-dining at Ornans: a theme a lot more trivial, the composition as the work on light and shade are based on the work of Caravaggio.

Studio Zagami Associati Consulting - Consulenza societaria, legal, finanziaria nazionale e internazionale - Molfetta

The Study Associated Zagami offers its own experience and professionalism in the sector of commercial and corporate lawproviding to its clients advice and assistance in labour law. employment contracts. and commercial. The Study Zagami also provides written opinions. and reasoned on the civil cases with the Court of Cassation and provides associated The study also provides written opinions. and reasoned on the.

Law firm real Estate to your listening

Who is responsible for the disorders observed

Avocats Picovschi in the ranking of the decision-Makers Magazine of the best law firms in France in the Right to architecture (construction)The firm of Avocats Picovschi has a know-how recognized in real estate law. We offer you to lead you to success by managing your disputes in all areas of real estate: construction law and planning law, leases, real estate development. You like challenges and plan to resume a business in trouble in order to make a business successful. But are you aware of the inherent risks to the recovery procedure. The acquisition of a business is an operation that requires special attention, it is all the more so when it comes to a trade in a period of failure Avocat Picovschi, expert in the recovery of funds of commerce in Paris, will accompany and advise you right from the stage of the negotiations. It can happen for a number of reasons that a buyer wishes to cancel the contract of sale of a building to which he has consented. In addition to the case where one of the parties does not comply with its obligations, the invalidity of such a sale is possible in the case of defects of consent or when there is a hidden defect. The Court of cassation ruled on an application for a declaration of invalidity of a contract of sale for error (Cass. st Civ, twenty-five January n°.). Avocats Picovschi explains to you You have hired a professional to carry out the construction of your home or perform work. You have signed a contract with a contractor who has decided to delegate certain tasks to a subcontractor, however, the latter does not perform properly the tasks that had been assigned in the initial contract, the defects are observed during the receipt of the work by the contractor sub-contractor reject the fault. Avocats Picovschi, competent in construction law for more than thirty years in Paris, comes to your aid and assist you to obtain redress. Lawyers Real estate law, we advise in all your real estate projects, assist you and represent in court when your litigation in real estate in order to lead you to success. Relying on the skill and experience of our lawyers in real estate Law, we provide appropriate answers to all your questions, taking into account the reality of the real estate market and its environment. In addition to the legal issues related to real estate, our firm analyzes each file in its entirety. Include the case of the acquisition or construction of a detached house: this type of project requires a management of the operation of selling real estate, obtaining building permits, obtaining funding, the relationship with the notary, the builder and the architect, and uses the skills of a legal professional not to mention the psychology to carry out the relationship with the seller of the real property Refer to the case of the merchant of the property or real estate developer: to mount an operation in real estate development, it is necessary to consider all aspects of making the operation profitable, which requires a fine analysis of the resale or lease of the property without forgetting that this activity gives rise to civil liability and criminal Our expertise in the field of procedure in the Law of real property leads us, then, always to seek the best possible solution for our customers and also the more rapid, in order that the real estate transaction or the management of the property will resume its normal course.

The intervention of the lawyer experienced in real estate law is essential to ensure the successful completion of any real estate transaction and make it profitable. The real estate law is a complex matter The use of a lawyer allows you to secure transactions, prevent litigation resulting from the execution of different contracts real property law, in particular, the promises of unilateral or synallagmatic selling real estate, leases, residential or commercial, construction contracts, etc In addition, the lawyer in real estate Law protects the right of ownership in managing all aspects related to insurance and guarantees, various in involving the insurers where it proves to be necessary.

In summary, the lawyer in real estate Law intervenes on behalf of individuals as professionals and institutional investors, in the following areas.

What are the rates of the lawyers

Learn more The use of a lawyer may be necessary when you are faced with two types of situations

On the one hand, if you want to enforce your rights or defend your interests before the judge in.

On the other hand, if you want that it brings you assistance in pre-litigation stage. It may indeed be your primary contact to resolve a dispute amicably or to assist you in the drafting of a contract for example. Actually, they are the subject of negotiation between the legal professional and his client. They agree on the mode of remuneration (convention fees, convention package, convention fees as a percentage of the sale amount) and its amount. The remuneration of a lawyer is in principle to be paid in several instalments (deposit, provisional, balance) and is always made up: The lawyer may stipulate with his client a fee based on the result obtained. This type of agreement is often used when the financial stakes are important to engage legal counsel to the favorable outcome of the folder (example: the convention provides that the lawyer will receive ten of the allowances to be allocated by the judge). For example, a lawyer who a spouse is address to get the defence of his rights, and to obtain a divorce on the fault grounds of adultery of his wife, may charge to its customer: Yes, generally. In fact, in general, the higher the salary and the income of the person are, the more important his or her financial interests are high (mortgage, family expenses, investments, non-liquid, etc). Accordingly, the fees of the lawyer are likely to be high For example, a firm may propose an honorary fee of.

five hundred euros exclusive of tax, to an employee or a worker that takes note of the breach of his contract of employment to the detriment of the employer, then he will propose a rate of.

euros HT for a framework, which is contesting his dismissal for incompetence. Yes, in principle, the fees of the lawyer will vary depending on the quality of the person who consults it. Most of the time, the interest in games are usually much more important for a legal entity (the risk of winding up of a company, loss of legal personality, termination of employment of employees, criminal risk, trickle down on to the sub-contractors and co-contractors). For example, the consultation of a lawyer may be charged at a flat rate of HT per hour (or euros including all taxes) if he is an unemployed person who wants to engage in a procedure to contest his termination.

If it is the employer who takes the advice of a lawyer, because his former employee, assigns to sexual harassment, the consultation will be billed euros HT of the hour (euros), because the enterprise is at risk more money in this case.

Legal aid - Ooreka

Legal aid you can inform you about your rights and obligations, on the steps, but also can give you the means to defend yourself. This is what we present in our folderWhen you subscribe to a legal protection insurance, you should check on different elements such as content, cost, terms or conditions of implementation of the guarantee. Ooreka shows you everything you need to know about the subject. The jurisdictional help (AJ) allows people with few resources to benefit from a full support or partial by the State, fees and legal costs (lawyer, bailiff, expert). Find out in our folder how to benefit from this assistance.

What are the documents required to obtain a loan from a bank

Gather the necessary documents - the first step in the design of the loan

Depending on the selected bank and crediting it to their list of programs can vary: some are required on a mandatory basis, other - than when you do a certain type of loan.

In this case, the chances of the borrower to obtain the loan of a significant increase in the presence of certain evidence and references in the field of the loan. What documents do I need to provide to get a loan, what are necessary, and what - not, and the various packets of documents in different banks, discussed below. Regardless of the head of credit product selected will provide the borrower with a list of what documents are needed to get a credit. The client undertakes to provide the original passport and a photocopy of all its pages, which can ensure the borrower, and the signature of the bank manager, receiving document, and the stamp of the credit institution. More necessary for fill out the loan application and questionnaire. Some banks offer to customers a form of application, which combines the two forms. Most banks give their clients lists of what documents are required to obtain a loan for consumption, and which - for the mortgage. As a general rule, it is necessary: many financial institutions in addition to the documents listed above and may require more. What are the necessary documents to obtain a loan in the more - discussed below. The documents listed below can be prepared not only at the request of the credit institution, but also to the personal initiative of the borrower. Most of these titles are not only able to confirm the social status of the borrower but also a positive impact on the evaluation of its solvency. These documents can be delivered to the bank when you make a loan to the consumer and other loans, and loans against property - real estate or a vehicle. credit organisation in the design of the consumer credit for the acquisition of property - for example, home appliances - may require the borrower to provide the store receipt when you make a loan for education - a contract entered into with an educational institution, and a copy of the permit, certifying its right to carry out such activities. For the funds of the debt of a prospective borrower may apply to one of the banks most popular - Sberbank. What are the documents required to obtain a credit in it If the borrower has never used the services of the credit institution, and the conditions required to apply it to more difficult times than other customers, and the verification of the documentation received will be kept carefully at certain times. The borrower may, at its own initiative make a bank of paper, which confirms his ownership of immovable property or any other property. These certificates confirm the credit worthiness of the customer and increase their chances of obtaining a loan. A standard set of documents required for the loan, there is in each bank is no exception. What are the documents required to obtain credit in the financial institution. Listed above, which documents are necessary to obtain a loan.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of - constitutional Council

The representatives of the French people, constituted in national Assembly, considering that ignorance, forgetfulness or contempt of the rights of man are the only causes of public misfortunes and of the corruption of governments, have resolved to expose, in a solemn declaration, the natural rights, inalienable and sacred to man, in order that this declaration, constantly present to all members of the social body, reminds them continually of their rights and duties, in order that the acts of the legislative power, and those of the executive power, that may be each moment compared with the goal of any political institution, be more respected, so that the claims of the citizens, based henceforth on simple and indisputable, turn always to the maintenance of the Constitution and the happiness of allAccordingly, the national Assembly recognizes and declares, in presence and under the auspices of the supreme Being, the following rights of man and of the citizen. Social distinctions may be based only on the common utility. The aim of all political association is the conservation of the natural and imprescriptible rights of man. These rights are liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression. The principle of all sovereignty resides essentially in the nation.

No body, no individual may exercise authority which does not emanate expressly.

Freedom is to be able to do anything that does not harm others: thus, the exercise of the natural rights of each man has terminals only those which ensure to other members of society the enjoyment of these same rights.

These terminals can only be determined by law. The law has the right to defend the actions harmful to the company Everything that is not forbidden by the law cannot be prevented and no one may be compelled to do what she is not ordered. The law is the expression of the general will All citizens have the right to concur personally, or by their representatives, to its formation.

It should be the same for all, either that it protects, or whether it punish. All citizens being equal in its eyes are equally admissible to all dignities, positions and public employment according to their capacity and without distinction other than that of their virtues and of their talents. No man can be accused, arrested or detained in cases determined by law, and according to the forms which it has prescribed. Those who solicit, speed, run or execute orders on the arbitrary, must be punished, but any citizen called or seized under the law must obey at the moment: he makes himself guilty by resistance.

The law shall only establish penalties strictly and evidently necessary, and no one may be punished except under a law established and promulgated prior to the offence, and legally applied.

Every man being presumed innocent until he has been declared guilty, if it is deemed necessary to stop it, any rigour which would not be necessary to secure his person must be severely repressed by law. No one should be molested for his opinions, even religious, provided their manifestation does not trouble the public order established by law. The free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the most precious rights of man: any citizen may therefore speak, write, print freely, except to answer for the abuse of this liberty in cases determined by law. The guarantee of the rights of man and of the citizen requires a public force: this force is therefore instituted for the advantage of all, and not for the particular utility of those to whom it is entrusted. For the maintenance of the public force, and for the expenses of administration, a common contribution is indispensable: it must be equally distributed among all citizens, because their faculties. All citizens have the right to establish, by themselves or by their representatives, the necessity of the public contribution, to consent freely, to follow employment, and to determine the proportion, the base, collection and duration. Any society in which the guarantee of rights is not assured, nor the separation of powers determined, has no Constitution. The property being a right inviolable and sacred, no one may be deprived, if it is not when public necessity, legally noted, required obviously, and under the condition of a just and prior compensation.

Criminal law

As a right that may apply both against natural persons, i.e

You can share your knowledge by improving it (how.) according to the recommendations of the corresponding projectsThe criminal law or criminal law is a branch of the law which determines anti-social behaviour (offence), and provides for the reaction of the society towards these behaviors, the criminal justice response typically takes the form of a sentence. The criminal law deals with the relationship between society and the individual.

It is often contrasted with civil law, which concerns the relationship between two legal entities or natural persons.

It articulates with the rules of criminal procedure, which sets out the legal framework that must comply with the investigation, the prosecution and the judgment and execution of sentence concerning a person suspected, and, if applicable, sentenced for the commission of an offence. In Canada, the criminal law is shared between the competences of the federal Parliament and the provinces (see skill-Sharing in Canada). The Parliament of Canada is responsible for canadian criminal law, that is to say, the most serious criminal offences which can lead to imprisonment or a criminal record. This branch of law is called"criminal law"and is, in large part, under the criminal Code. Criminal offences are intended to punish a crime that went against the core values of the company. For example, murder is a criminal offence, because causing someone's death goes against the respect of others, the right to life, liberty and the security of everyone, the core values of the company guaranteed by article sep led the canadian Charter of rights and freedoms, The offenses of lesser importance are the shared responsibility of the federal Parliament and the provinces.

They may provide for various offences and penalties to enforce their various laws.

Offenses of lesser importance are named the offences to regulations.

These offences are intended to punish behavior that goes against the public welfare. The offences regulations are intended to encourage and"regulate"the citizen has to adopt a behavior considered acceptable in the society.

For example, The highway Safety Code of Quebec provides for offences, regulatory in particular, as it was adopted by the national Assembly (provincial), so he can not provide for criminal offences since it is beyond its field of competence and it aims to encourage citizens to adopt a behavior (conduct of a vehicle) safe lens.

The criminal law is one of the prerogatives of the main public power: the determination of the limits to individual freedoms. This explains that, in the classic manner, the State was dedicated to a monopoly on the criminal law (prohibition of vengeance private monopoly of legitimate violence). The main source of criminal law is state law, but the international sources are becoming ever more important. There are two conceptions of the criminal law: a design objective one, focusing on the act, and a subjective understanding, based on the author of the act constituting the offence. The offence may be defined as the act that is sanctioned by a penalty. A list of acts would be impossible to draw up Indeed, its importance varies according to eras and countries. For example, acts such as suicide, blasphemy, heresy, witchcraft, abortion or homosexuality, which was criminalized in most legal orders in the Middle Ages, are no longer so today. Conversely, incriminations new are appeared, which are linked to the industrialization (offences relating to road safety or labour law) or to the increase of human solidarity (omission to assist others, to abuse the weakness of others). The criminal law is linked to the offence In the general criminal law, we find the theory of the offence.

It is a right that is linked to international crime

For a behaviour could be qualified as a criminal offence, it is necessary that the following two elements are met: The first two elements are required in order that an act could be qualified as a criminal offence.

The third item is questionable by the fact that acts committed unintentionally can be suppressed, as is the case of manslaughter. individuals, as against the legal persons since the entry into force of the new criminal Code, companies, associations, communities, etc (except the community of the state: art - of the French penal Code), the criminal law appears as a right transversal, and mixed (it is mid-way between the private law and public law). The criminal law operates as a form of relationship between persons in private law and the public authority represented by the attorney of the Republic subordinate to the attorney general, himself subordinate to the minister of Justice (this subordination, in the eyes of the European Court of Human Rights, does not allow the attorney to see to recognize the quality of a magistrate within the meaning of article of the european Convention on Human Rights, it can as well pronounce the deprivation of liberty without recourse, at least for their control, to an independent judge) in criminal law, is therefore, in its concern for conflicts between individuals regarded as an infringement of the society as a whole, at the border of private law and public law. By way of exception, the complaint with constitution of civil part"place the administration of the judiciary at the service of the complainant to which the"dean of judges"requires the payment of a deposit which will be used to fund the procedure. This procedure has a character of diversity, between public and private law. However, the magistrate retains its function as a"case for the prosecution and for the defence"means that it is not excluded that the procedure turns against the complainant likely to be found on the bench of the accused in the same way as the one against which it had committed to the action. The criminal law or the criminal law is part of criminal sciences side of criminology and forensic science. The criminal law is interested in the offences and sanctions, as it contains substantive rules that constitute the general principles applicable to the offences.

According to Antonio Cassese, it is defined as the"set of international rules designed to outlaw (and punish) the international crimes and to impose upon States the obligation to prosecute and punish these crimes (at least some of them)".

The case law definition which is given by the Nuremberg Tribunal is the following:"the Law that governs international crimes, that is to say, acts that are universally recognized as criminal acts, (and) which are of international importance and for this reason cannot be left within the exclusive jurisdiction of the State that would have control in ordinary time".

The international criminal Court may exercise jurisdiction over four types of crimes: the crime of genocide"characterized by the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group by killing its members or by other means,"the crimes against humanity that are"serious violations committed in the context of a large-scale attack directed against any civilian population"as war crimes that constitute grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions in the context of an armed conflict", and the crime of aggression, that is to say,"the use by a State of armed force against the sovereignty, integrity or independence of another State". According to the Master of Conference in public law, Jean-Francois Roulot, it has several characteristics such as understanding the criminality of a person acting on behalf of the State, affect the international public order, it is not always made by a convention and therefore has a customary character, finally it is the right imperative, that is to say that it requires that States sometimes against their expressed will.

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Land tax: exemption, calculation and date

For undeveloped property, the reduction amounted to twenty

The property tax is due every year by the owners of taxable properties (homes, parking areas, land for industrial or commercial use.), including when they are leasedThere are two types of property taxes: the land tax on built properties (TFPB) and the property tax on undeveloped property (TFPNB). Except exception, as the empty units are subject to land tax. Property taxes are part of the tax category of the local taxes used for financing the budget of the communes, communities of communes and departments.

In principle, all owners of real property constructed are liable to pay the property tax on the built.

But the case of an exemption of real property tax, partial or total, exist. Others hold on to the situation of the owner.

Here are the most common: besides, for the elderly over years of age January, who have received a continued exemption from property tax in, income ceilings tax reference does not exceed to be exempt from property tax are increased: the limit is extended to euros for a share of the family quotient.

The calculation of the property tax is based on the rental value cadastral of the property, the so-called rental value, which corresponds to what it could yield in the event of leasing in accordance with market conditions. It should be noted that the rental value, which is updated each year, also comes into account in the calculation of the housing tax. The tax base of property tax on buildings is equal to half of this value, either a lump-sum allowance of fifty. Rates, set by local authorities, are then applied to this base. The result obtained corresponds to the amount of property tax to be paid.

After this period of two years, his payment is required

The owners of real estate receive their property tax assessment in September, about three weeks before the deadline for payment by mail.

The property tax above about one month of the receipt of the notice of housing tax.

New buildings are subject to an exemption from property tax for two-year temporary. Above all, the owners must file a declaration (model H if it is a house or H if it is an apartment) to the centre of public finance of the place where the property is located within days following the completion of the work. When a property is put up for rent, it is up to the owner of the property that's responsible for the payment of the land tax. The tenant of a property is not affected by the estate tax. The auto-entrepreneurs are taxed at the contribution foncière des enterprises (CFE). Are not liable to pay this tax that the auto-entrepreneurs that have paid wages or a turnover or revenues on the previous year. The first year in which the CFE where the auto-entrepreneur is taxed, the tax base is reduced by half. The second year, he is liable to pay in full The undeveloped property subject to land tax, regardless of their nature. It therefore concerns also the agricultural land These last are, however, exempt from the additional fee to the TFPNB.

The finance act for introduced, from the property tax for, an increase of the property tax on the undeveloped property, as applicable in the the communes concerned by the tax on vacant housing and by the annual tax on the rental charges for micro-housing.

In the zones in tension, therefore, the rental value of land was increased to twenty-five. For property taxes due from, the increase of is replaced by a fixed additional charge of euros per square meter. The local authorities (local communes and inter-communal groups) may, however, lower it to euro per square meter, or increase up to euros per square meter. They also have the option to remove the abatement for the first square metres set up in.

Garages, boxes and car parks are subject to the estate tax, in the same way that a principal residence or other building.

Summary Definition Exemption Calculation Date of receipt Date of payment new Construction Tenant building Land Garage land tax, it is what it is.