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Avocats Picovschi in the ranking of the decision-Makers Magazine of the best law firms in France in the Right to architecture (construction)The firm of Avocats Picovschi has a know-how recognized in real estate law. We offer you to lead you to success by managing your disputes in all areas of real estate: construction law and planning law, leases, real estate development. You like challenges and plan to resume a business in trouble in order to make a business successful. But are you aware of the inherent risks to the recovery procedure. The acquisition of a business is an operation that requires special attention, it is all the more so when it comes to a trade in a period of failure Avocat Picovschi, expert in the recovery of funds of commerce in Paris, will accompany and advise you right from the stage of the negotiations. It can happen for a number of reasons that a buyer wishes to cancel the contract of sale of a building to which he has consented. In addition to the case where one of the parties does not comply with its obligations, the invalidity of such a sale is possible in the case of defects of consent or when there is a hidden defect. The Court of cassation ruled on an application for a declaration of invalidity of a contract of sale for error (Cass. st Civ, twenty-five January n°.). Avocats Picovschi explains to you You have hired a professional to carry out the construction of your home or perform work. You have signed a contract with a contractor who has decided to delegate certain tasks to a subcontractor, however, the latter does not perform properly the tasks that had been assigned in the initial contract, the defects are observed during the receipt of the work by the contractor sub-contractor reject the fault. Avocats Picovschi, competent in construction law for more than thirty years in Paris, comes to your aid and assist you to obtain redress. Lawyers Real estate law, we advise in all your real estate projects, assist you and represent in court when your litigation in real estate in order to lead you to success. Relying on the skill and experience of our lawyers in real estate Law, we provide appropriate answers to all your questions, taking into account the reality of the real estate market and its environment. In addition to the legal issues related to real estate, our firm analyzes each file in its entirety. Include the case of the acquisition or construction of a detached house: this type of project requires a management of the operation of selling real estate, obtaining building permits, obtaining funding, the relationship with the notary, the builder and the architect, and uses the skills of a legal professional not to mention the psychology to carry out the relationship with the seller of the real property Refer to the case of the merchant of the property or real estate developer: to mount an operation in real estate development, it is necessary to consider all aspects of making the operation profitable, which requires a fine analysis of the resale or lease of the property without forgetting that this activity gives rise to civil liability and criminal Our expertise in the field of procedure in the Law of real property leads us, then, always to seek the best possible solution for our customers and also the more rapid, in order that the real estate transaction or the management of the property will resume its normal course.

The intervention of the lawyer experienced in real estate law is essential to ensure the successful completion of any real estate transaction and make it profitable. The real estate law is a complex matter The use of a lawyer allows you to secure transactions, prevent litigation resulting from the execution of different contracts real property law, in particular, the promises of unilateral or synallagmatic selling real estate, leases, residential or commercial, construction contracts, etc In addition, the lawyer in real estate Law protects the right of ownership in managing all aspects related to insurance and guarantees, various in involving the insurers where it proves to be necessary.

In summary, the lawyer in real estate Law intervenes on behalf of individuals as professionals and institutional investors, in the following areas.